Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Welthauptstadt Germania 1960

The renewal project Welthauptstadt Germania will have monolithic, gargantuan structures of epic scale that celebrates total victory of the Nazi regime. Some projects, such as the creation of a great East-West city axis, which included broadening Charlottenburger Chaussee (today Straße des 17. Juni) and placing the Berlin victory column in the centre, far away from the Reichstag, where it originally stood, were successfully completed. Others, however, such as the creation of the Große Halle (Great Hall), had to be shelved owing to the beginning of war.

Berlin is the capital of the Greater Nazi Reich. After WW2 with the bombing of Germany stopped Adolf Hitler and Albert Speer were able to put their designs of Welthauptstadt Germania to become reality.

Berlin is where all orders to Nazi bases and occupied countries are followed without question and is where the high command of the Third Reich is based.

Berlin, 1960


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