Sunday, May 8, 2016

Newly released drawings reveal Adolf's plans for Munich filled with gargantuan buildings

Although he will go down in history as one of the most evil and destructive dictators of all time, Hitler saw himself as a creative soul. He and his chief architect Albert Speer pored their plans for post-war Munich, complete with a giant obelisk topped by a swastika-clutching German eagle (pictured, on the left)
  • 2,000 documents and sketches have been released by Munich archives  
  • They show Hitler's plans for a post-war City Of The Movement
  • The centrepiece would have been a dome over underground train station
  • A swastika-holding German eagle would sit atop an obelisk 600-feet tall
  • The city would have rivalled Germania, Hitler's rebuilt capital in Berlin
  • The plans were shelved as the war turned against Germany in 1943  
Hitler imagined a giant new underground railway station, covered by a huge dome 900 feet across (pictured), which would be bigger than St Peter's Basilica in Rome. But the plan never made its way off the drawing board.
Among the archives released this week by the Munich authorities were detailed maps proposing the new station. Trains would bring commuters in from colonies to the south and east and would take settlers to the occupied territories in what is now Ukraine and Belarus.
Hitler's preferred style of architecture had similarities with what Mussolini was doing in Italy and was later copied by Stalin and Ceaucescu. This sketch shows the railway station dome dwarfing other buildings in the proposed City Of The Movement (Hauptstadt der Bewegung)

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